Hole in the Head Moto Storytime Podcast Available Now! We're Fancy!

hole in the head_bmw_r75_airhead.jpg

We’re live!

After a few years of sitting on the lift, the time has come to release the Hole in the Head Moto Storytime Podcast - a collection of my mini-adventure stories in finding and fixing old cars and motorcycles.

 Look for new episodes where I talk about the times I brought home other ridiculous bikes like the little trailer park Ducati or an orphaned Moto Morini.  You’ll also hear more stories about some of my accomplices - hear about when Blaine and I rode through the high deserts in Nevada with a herd of gazelle, or how Alberto likes to ride in the back of the van.

Also, this show is about sharing stories, and I’d love to hear yours – email us at stories@holeintheheadmoto.com or get me on Instagram @holeintheheadmoto

All our episodes are available on the Listen page or anywhere you get podcasts: iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, Anchor, etc.

Full Episode Transcript Here.